If you do not have space on site for one of our PACs units you could use a Freestanding Turnstile; these units are mounted on a steel pallet and can be easily moved into position, using a forklift. Provides a robust and reliable way to manage access on your site when you do not have the space to integrate one of our Turnstile Cabin’s. The Freestanding Turnstile can easily be fixed into your security fencing or hoarding.

For more information about how a turnstile can help improve the security on your site and work for you our turnstile experts are happy to help.

AT A GLANCE - Freestanding Turnstile

Freestanding Turnstile specification View
Freestanding Turnstile layout View


Need technical information or have a general question about our PACS Turnstile Cabins? Please ask our experts today.

Turnstile Cabins

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Recent install of a 3 meter Portable Access Control System in Leeds. 
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PACS Turnstile Unit

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