PACS – 6.90m Double Access Turnstile Cabin

A larger office area, with room for inductions, tool box talks etc. An area with enough room to seat up to 8 people plus a seating area and sufficient worktop space for 2 security guards.

- Our solution removes the need to purchase or hire individual components, e.g. turnstile, access control equipment or portable buildings
- Expensive civil foundations are not required
- Storage issues at the end of your contract are no longer a problem
- Unauthorised or unwanted visitors on your site are a thing of the past

AT A GLANCE - 6.90m Double Access Turnstile Cabin

6.90m Double Access Turnstile Cabin specification View
6.90m Double Access Turnstile Cabin layout View


Need technical information or have a general question about our PACS Turnstile Cabins? Please ask our experts today.

Turnstile Cabins

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Latest News

Recent install of a 3 meter Portable Access Control System in Leeds. 
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PACS Turnstile Unit

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